Calapan clamps down on tax cheats

The Calapan city government has stepped up its efforts to clamp down on tax cheats by regularly inspecting book of accounts and cash registered machines of commercial establishments.

The new stringent levy collection policy is contained in Sec. 437, City Ordinance No. 16-05 to ensure the city treasury is getting the “correct share” of taxes from the business sector, said City Treasurer Gondelina Lumanglas.

The monitoring of the books of accounts is also in compliance with the guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO, Lumanglas said. Calapan has become an ISO certified city in June.

Mayor Doy Leachon said the new taxation system is not a punitive move against the business sector as he stressed the enactment of the ordinance is in accordance with the Local Government Code of the Philippines.

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