How to pay Ormeco bill using GCash?

Gone are the days of queuing up in long lines at the billing center. With the rise of digital payment platforms like GCash, paying your Ormeco electric bills has never been more convenient.

This secure and user-friendly mobile app allows you to settle your bills with just a few taps on your smartphone.

In this article, we will guide you through the simple process of paying your Ormeco electric bills using GCash, so you can save time and effort for more important things in life.

  1. Enter the exact amount: Input the precise amount of your Power Bill or SOA down to the last centavo. It is essential to ensure that you are paying the correct amount to avoid any issues or delays.
  2. Provide the correct Bill Reference Number: Double-check and input the correct “Bill Reference Number” found on your Power Bill or SOA. This is a crucial detail to ensure that your payment is attributed to the correct account.
  3. Input the Biller’s name: Enter the name of the biller, in this case, Ormeco, to ensure that your payment is directed to the right company.
  4. Add your email address (optional): Inputting your email address is optional but recommended. By providing your email, you can receive a receipt or confirmation of your payment via email, which can serve as a reference for future inquiries or concerns.

Remember to make your payment using GCash before the designated due date indicated on your receipt. For additional information or assistance, you can contact Ormeco at the following numbers: 0919 098 9700 | 0917 894 0170.

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