More than 250 get free drivers’ course in Baco

More than 250 individuals seeking to obtain a driver’s license received a free theoretical driving course in Baco, Oriental Mindoro.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) Mimaropa region, led by Acting Regional Director Manuel L. Betaizar, collaborated with the local government to implement the program.

It is a part of President Bongbong Marcos’ “Handog Pasasalamat” road safety initiative, which aims to promote joint activities for traffic management.

The theoretical driving course primarily aimed to provide student drivers with a better understanding of road safety, including developing a positive driving attitude, recognizing road signs, and enhancing driver intuition.

Additionally, students received instruction on effective driving techniques such as proper maneuvering, parking, and fuel-saving tips, as well as safety checks for their vehicles.

Mayor Allan A. Roldan expressed his appreciation to the LTO for providing his constituents with the opportunity to acquire a student driver’s permit.

Roldan also emphasized the importance of obtaining a driver’s license, which is an official document that authorizes individuals to operate a motor vehicle under the guidance of a professional or non-professional license holder in the country.

He stated that the free seminar was advantageous for future drivers, as it serves as proof that they underwent proper training and possess knowledge of driving a vehicle.

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