End of holiday break brings long queues of travelers, vehicles in Calapan

Every holiday break, long queues of vehicles and passengers waiting to board ferries are a common sight even kilometers away from the port of Calapan City.

As the Holy Week came to an end, boats and ferries shuttled back and forth between Calapan and Batangas City, carrying a large number of holidaymakers heading to mainland Luzon, particularly Metro Manila.

Efficiently boarding perishable cargoes and thousands of travelers is always a challenge for city officials in Calapan.

As of 8 a.m. on Monday, the Public Safety Department of Calapan City reported that 560 vehicles had been processed for boarding on the boat, while 138 vehicles were still waiting for their turn.

Anticipating the challenges of handling the influx of traveles, the City Government of Calapan on Sunday lifted the booking system for rolling cargoes, allowing a first-come, first-served basis scheme. This move allows for a more efficient loading process at the port, which is crucial given the rising number of travelers.

Oriental Mindoro is part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, providing an affordable transportation network that connects mainland Luzon to various destinations in the Visayas via roads and waterways.

From Holy Wednesday to Good Friday, the Oriental Mindoro Provincial Disaster Reduction Management Office recorded a total of 11,333 passengers, 1,730 rolling cargoes, and private vehicles entering the port of Calapan City.

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