Gibo ads to ‘clog airwaves,’ says spokesman

By DateLine Philippines

From being the least visible candidate in terms of political advertisement since the official campaign period started last month, administration standard bearer Gilberto Teodoro Jr. will “definitely clog the airwaves” with a barrage of television ads, his camp said Thursday.

Lawyer Mike Toledo, Teodoro’s campaign spokesman, said the ads, which the Lakas-Kampi-CMD candidate helped conceptualize, will be coming out this weekend or early next week.

He said the sheer frequency of the ads should dispel talks of funding problems within the administration party.

“The ads will really show that contrary to rumors or misinformation or disinformation, support and funding to Gibo Teodoro’s successful presidential campaign is there,” Toledo said.

Earlier, two of Lakas-Kampi’s six senatorial candidates – lawyers Raul Lambino and Silvestre Bello III – and the spokesman of Teodoro’s running mate, actor Edu Manzano, had griped about the lack of logistical support from the party.

From being the second biggest spender on television ads during the pre-campaign period from November 1, 2009 to January 31, shelling out P407 million, Teodoro cut down on his ad spending since the official campaign period began.

According to data by the media monitoring agency Nielsen Media, which was released by the consortium Pera’t Politika and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Teodoro posted only a discounted ad expense of P266,092 from February 9 to March 8.

Toledo said the party is looking into the timing of the ads placement on television.

“There is a crescendo now of ads from the other parties and although the people are still undecided, these ads will help them get the message from our presidential candidate,” he said.

Toledo described the new ads as “thematic in nature and something that will send one clear message.”

“Under a Teodoro administration, this is what he will do to this problem,” he added.

One of the ads, he said would focus on putting food on the table and making food prices affordable.

Another ad will show how Teodoro intends to ensure job security for the Filipinos by making the country investment-friendly.

Teodoro will also come out in a campaign ad that depicts the youth as “very intelligent, discerning and idealistic and thus they will not be swayed by survey results, politicals ads and sheer popularity,” Toledo said.

Toledo said Teodoro has been topping mock polls in various schools and universities and this should show that the youth vote is for the administration standard-bearer.

Of the 50 million registered voters, Toledo said about 52 percent are from 18 to 39 years old. If Teodoro gets the majority of this segment, he is assured of the presidency in the May elections, Toledo added.

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