Calapan to host 2010 International Beauty Festival

CALAPAN CITY—Calapan is set to host the 2010 International Beauty Festival in the Philippines.

Organized by the Korean Make-up Artist Association Co., Ltd., the six-day festival is to be participated in by South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, the South Korean training institute Global Education Total Service (GETS CORBAN) announced on its website.

To be held from January 24 to 29, the beauty fest hopes to boost international exchange in the beauty industry, develop an international beauty academy, and forge international cooperation in beauty education and commerce, it said.

Contest categories are: hair, make-up, nail-hair art and make-up and nail art. Winners will take home trophies and certificates. For the grand prize, a one month scholarship program at a beauty school in South Korea is also up for grabs.

The festival will be carried out with the support of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Women’s Center, the Philippine International Haircutters Association, and Reyes Hair Company International, Inc.

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