PNP releases P7.54B for mid-year bonus of personnel

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has released funds totaling P7.54 billion to pay for the mid-year bonus of 227,832 active duty police personnel.

According to PNP Chief, Police General Benjamin Acorda, Jr., the allocated funds are derived from the regular PNP appropriations included in this year’s budget. The mid-year bonus is a legislated provision in the annual General Appropriations Act that serves as an additional form of compensation for qualified personnel.

In a report to Acorda, Police Brigadier General Bowenn Joe Masauding, Director of the PNP Finance Service, said that the PNP personnel will receive their bonus for 2023 through their payroll accounts.

The grant of mid-year bonus is equivalent to a one-month basic salary. Individual mid-year bonus exceeding P90,000 is subject to tax according to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law and BIR Regulations 11-2018.

“The mid-year bonus serves as a testament to our commitment to our personnel’s welfare. It is an acknowledgment of their dedication and sacrifices. I hope that they will utilize this bonus to augment their financial capability to support their respective families,” Acorda said.

The PNP remains committed to the well-being of its personnel, and the provision of the mid-year bonus is just one aspect of the organization’s continuous efforts to ensure their welfare, he said.

As a disciplinary policy, payment of mid-year and year-end bonuses is deferred for personnel with pending cases and serving punishment.

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