First digital mammogram equipment installed at Sablayan district hospital

San Sebastian District Hospital in Sablayan has received the province’s first digital mammogram equipment, a significant development in breast cancer detection in Occidental Mindoro.

Dr. Romualdo Salazar, a surgeon and the hospital’s administrator, emphasized the use of advanced technology in the mammogram’s role in identifying breast cancer.

“Breast cancer is one of the leading types of cancer among women, and early detection is crucial for successful treatment,” said Salazar.

Currently, there are 20 patients with breast cancer under Salazar’s care residing in Sablayan, and the number of individuals affected by the disease is expected to be higher if the data from the entire province is taken into account.

“Women aged 40 and above should undergo mammograms annually,” said the surgeon, especially those with family members or relatives who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Salazar assured that with the implementation of the Digital Mammogram in Sablayan, it is now accessible to all residents of the province who wish to undergo screening.

He added that having such equipment in the province eliminates the need for patients to travel elsewhere, saving them both time and resources.

“It’s a positive development to have the digital mammogram in Sablayan, which serves as the central town of Occidental Mindoro,” the physician further noted.

Salazar also highlighted another favorable feature of the digital mammogram. Aside from the cost-saving advantage it offers to patients requiring mammograms, it is also less painful compared to the earlier analog type.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Health Office said that it is part of its plan to install similar facilities in the major public hospitals of San Jose and Mamburao.

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