Ormeco cuts power export to Occidental Mindoro amid supply shortage

The Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (Ormeco) has announced it will be reducing its power exports to Occidental Mindoro due to an ongoing supply shortage in the province.

Ormeo said that it is currently awaiting approval for long-term solutions, which are pending in court and energy and regulatory agencies.

The ongoing supply shortage is a result of the summer heat, which has caused a surge in demand for electricity, while generation from renewable energy sources dips, according to the electric cooperative.

As a result, it said, “Nilimitahan na rin po natin ang ating pag e-export ng power sa Occidental Mindoro.”

Ormeco had entered into an Emergency Power Supply Agreement (EPSA) approved by the Department of Energy to provide excess power to the Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative. Occidental Mindoro is currently facing a severe power crisis, with consumers experiencing 20-hour blackouts daily.

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“This supply has a total of 4 megawatts to 6 megawatts or may less depending on Ormeco’s excess supply,” the electric cooperative said.

“Its supply time is uncertain what time will be given during the whole day because it depends on the excess power supply of Oriental, Mindoro,” it added.

But shortly after the agreement took effect on April 19, Ormeco warned consumers of imminent blackouts as the summer heat results in low renewable energy production amid a spike in demand.

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On Saturday, Ormeco experienced a record-high demand of 66 megawatts, causing a shortage in power supply. A Red alert warning was issued, saying a power outage lasting for two to three hours could be experienced.

Omeco is urging the public to conserve energy to manage the situation, especially since summer activities typically result in higher consumption, leading to increased electricity bills.

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