Ormeco warns of blackouts

The Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (Ormeco) has warned consumers of imminent blackouts as the summer heat results in low renewable energy production amid a spike in demand.

On Saturday, Ormeco experienced a record-high demand of 66 megawatts, causing a shortage in power supply. A Red alert warning was issued, saying a power outage lasting for two to three hours could be experienced.

“The change in weather, high temperature, and various summer activities at night and on special occasions have contributed to the increase in demand for electricity,” said Governor Bonz Dolor.

During this period, renewable energy sources have low generation, and Ormeco is relying on Emergency Power, which uses expensive oil.

“Our Renewable Energy Power Providers are still at low generation. Meanwhile, the Wind Energy Power Supply has intermittent production. For a month now, wind turbines generates from 0MW to 8MW based on actual operation,” Ormeco said.

According to the electric cooperative, this situation may result in a rise in electricity prices, even if customers’ consumption remains unchanged.

Omeco is urging the public to conserve energy to manage the situation, especially since summer activities typically result in higher consumption, leading to increased electricity bills.

It also warns that if the planned 41MW additional supply set for June is not realized, it could result in a widespread brownout and a significant increase in electricity tariffs.

Due to the ongoing supply shortage, a limit has been placed on energy exports to Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative, Ormeco said.

Occidental Mindoro has been experiencing a severe power crisis, which has led to a daily 20-hour province-wide blackout.

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