1,670 Filipino kids die in road crashes each year, says group

At least 1,670 Filipino children are killed in road crashes every year, public interest group ImagineLaw said.

The group described road crashes an “epidemic that kills our children.”

Last month, a 5-year-old child was killed by a passing truck in Taguig, the law group also said.

Atty. Daphne Marcelo, the law group’s Project Manager for Road Safety, emphasized the need to build a community and a road system that protects vulnerable road users, especially children.

“Hindi pwedeng hari-harian sa kalsada,” Marcelo said. “We need to learn how to build a community and a road system that protect vulnerable road users, especially children.”

She called on Filipino motorists to be mindful of children on the road and to observe traffic rules to avoid road crashes that often result in the death of children.

Marcelo also stressed the importance of collaboration in finding solutions to this problem.

“We need to work together in building a set of solutions to end this epidemic: safer driving behavior, better infrastructure for pedestrians, commuters, and drivers, and strict and sensible enforcement of traffic rules,” she said.

The Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Health (DOH) have joined ImagineLaw in reminding Filipino motorists to “share the road and stop for children.”

The call was made during DOH’s Pista ng Kalusugan, an outdoor weekend-long festival at the Quezon Memorial Circle to promote Filipinos’ health and well-being. DepEd Assistant Secretary Dr. Dex Galban and DOH Health Promotion Bureau Chief Rodley Carza joined the call.

The group urged drivers to observe traffic rules, drive under the speed limit, and abide by road safety policies to avoid road crashes that often lead to casualties involving children.

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