Kris Aquino thanks fans, doctors as she readies for new treatment

“Thank you!”

That was a heartfelt message from the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, who has been in the United States since June 2022 to receive medical treatment for various autoimmune conditions.

Despite facing many limitations due to her allergies and adverse reactions to treatments, Kris has expressed her gratitude for her doctors and fans, who have been a constant source of hope and encouragement for her.

“THANK YOU- many of you don’t know me personally but friends of my family, my friends, those helping take care of me- all have heartwarming stories about people they know who keep praying for me to get better,” Kris said in her latest Instagram post on Saturday (Manila time).

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your kindness but please know YOU GIVE ME HOPE & COURAGE to KEEP THE FAITH and TRUST GOD’S Merciful LOVE. Thank you for being my RAINBOW,” she added.

She mentioned that she has many limitations when it comes to medicine and treatments due to her allergies and adverse reactions, but her doctors have found treatments that can help her get her health back over time.

Kris also revealed that her last medical test results were alarming, with some of her numbers dropping and some flaring up.

Her doctors reminded her that her four diagnosed autoimmune diseases could potentially become five or six, and her major organs like her heart and lungs could suffer permanent damage.

But Kris remains hopeful and optimistic that her new treatment, which she will begin next week, will help her body heal.

Kris has always been sharing updates on her health journey with her followers on social media, including her struggles and triumphs during her treatment.

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