Calapan ranks 7th in PH in citizen satisfaction index

calapan city hall
City Hall of Calapah. (Photo from

The local government of Calapan ranked seventh in the Philippines in terms of Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) of the Bureau of Local Government Supervision.

In a national report of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) in 2014 involving 50 cities across the country, Calapan City belonged to the 10 cities that received the highest citizens’ satisfaction rating for eight needs assessment areas.

In terms of Priority Action Areas, Environmental Services got the highest Importance Net Score of 92.27 percent, followed by Health at 88.33 percent; Social Welfare at 88.19 percent; Public Works and Infrastructure at 86.97 percent; Governance and Response at 86.92 percent; Support to Education at 86.29 percent; Agricultural Support at 85.50 percent; and tourism support at 81.67 percent.

All service areas have a score of more that 60 percent and the average component score of Calapan at 87.02 percent is already high based on the standards of the DILG.

Mayor Arnan C. Panaligan said the city government works to provide an efficient and fast system of delivery of products and services.

It is also important that services respond to the need of the public.

The CSIS assesses the quality of different primary services of the government from their availability, quality and impact.

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