Calapan now totally bans plastic bags

English: The busy J.P. Rizal Avenue in Baranga...
J.P. Rizal St. in San Vicente. Image via Wikipedia

Calapan City has completely banned the use of plastic bags and violators would be punished.

City Mayor Doy C. Leachon said that instead of only three days a week, the use of plastic bags will be totally banned throughout the year.

Last year, the city government passed an ordinance banning plastic use on Fridays to Sundays only.

Leachon said most plastic bags eventually find their way into the waterways, parks, beaches and streets. If burned, meanwhile, they emit toxic fumes that are harmful to the environment.

Many towns and cities throughout the country have banned the use of plastic bags. Laguna is implementing a province-wide prohibition on the use of plastic.

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