Bridge soon to link Mindoro and Batangas

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The construction of a bridge that will connect Mindoro island to mainland Luzon is about to start, the state news agency said.

The Batangas-Mindoro Superbridge will connect Puerto Galera to Batangas, passing through Isla Verde.

On December 22, the principal investors of the project from China met with Governor Alfonso Umali Jr.  in Calapan City, the Philippine Information Agency said.

They discussed details of the proposed multi-billion project. At the same time, Chinese engineers conducted a site survey.

Umali  said the “superbridge” is a realization of his vision for Oriental Mindoro.

The bridge is seen to facilitate the easier transport  of agricultural products to Metro Manila and other market destinations. Mindoro island is considered a major food basket of the National Capital Region and products are traditionally transported from the island through interisland vessels.

28 thoughts on “Bridge soon to link Mindoro and Batangas

  1. wow this is a good news for the whole mindoro community and nearby areas. Sana matuloy na ito para naman mapadali ang transportation from mindoro to manila. Isa pa magiging tourism highlight din ito considering na pino promote natin ang oriental mindoro na maging eco tourism hub ng bansa and the best is marami ng papasok na mga investor sa mindoro. go mindoro sana ay magawa agad yan.


  2. misleading yang title na yan. feasibility study lang yan eh. mahina na sampung taon bago masimulan yan.. kung magma-materialize yan ha.

    eh kung dadaan yan sa isla verde, papano na coral reefs doon? eh protected area kaya yun?

    magandang proyekto pero mukhang wishful thinking lang. ‘paasa’ lang kung baga sa atin. tapos ayan na nga at papasok mga tsino para sa nickel mines ng mindoro.

    ang tingin ko, smokescreen lang… parang may halo effect para maipasok mga minahan. hayzt!


  3. Mindoro is a major food basket? Yes, they all eat here!!! Dream on guys, there is no way they are going to build a bridge when they can’t even lay an electric cable between Batangas and Mindoro!!


  4. This is a dream come true for Mindorenos.
    I am so excited for this project.
    Downside for ferry Owners but will benifit for more people and businesses.

    Expedite this….


  5. Hell yeah! Pinamalayan is so stupid to put up an air port when we can have this super bridge! 😀 I hope they name it “Oriental Viaduct.”


  6. wow…tunay ga ho are???? malufet yaan…kaso baka naman 10 yrs na bago magawa yan…taga puerto ako, saktong sakto yaan…sana ngay matuloy


  7. Utter madness. Puerto Galera’s reefs are one of the jewels of The Philippines. Just the foundations of such a bridge would destroy the reefs and the surrounding environment forever. Tourism would vanish. There isn’t even a proper road on Mindoro to join a bridge to! There are far more worthy projects to spend money on than this politicking nonsense.


  8. That’s great news. But pardon me for my skepticism but this sounds like wishful thinking. We can’t even cement rough roads, how much more build a “super bridge”?


  9. Its great,tnx mayor hubbert dolor and gov. Umali.kung ang project na i2 ay mag2wa bilang isang taga batangenia ay isang mlaking pasasalmat po na m2loy i2.Godbless po…


  10. it’s a good start. however, it must be noted that this discussion is only on feasibility studies. It’s still on a very preliminary stage. that means this project is at least 5 to 10 years away. A good start at any rate but I won’t hold my breath for it.


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