Calapan City distributes boat engines to fishermen

The Fishery Management Office has distributed 18 fishing boat engines to fishermen of Barangay Ibaba West in Calapan City in a bid to curb illegal fishing activities.

Fishery Management Officer Virgil Cantos said the use of compressor in fishing is still being practiced by fishermen in the city. A compressor is a breathing apparatus or device that supplies oxygen under the water.

Cantos said the practice poses health hazards as it destroys the lungs of a person and the pressure coming from it could damage their hearing.

The use of compressor also affects fish habitat, he said. The bubbles from the air compressor which drive the fish into the fish nets could damage the corals.

The lack of equipment is a major reason why fishermen engage in illegal fishing practices, fisheries officials said.

Aside from distributing engines, the City Government of Calapan has also provided fishermen with fishing nets.

“It’s not necessary to sacrifice one’s health for living without sure success,” said Mayor Doy Leachon said.

This project of the City Government of Calapan is in line with the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) of the national government wherein development efforts need to focus on transforming the sector into one that is not only highly productive but also environment-friendly and sustainable.

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