Globe Telecom’s cloud services attain VMware solutions

DateLine Philippines

Globe Telecom, one of the largest telecommunications providers in the Philippines, announced on Thursday that its cloud computing services have achieved VMware vCloud Powered status.

Attaining VMware vCloud Powered status will define the roadmap for Globe Telecom’s cloud services with VMware’s popular virtualization and cloud computing technology based on VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director.

VMware’s vSphere is designed to provide a solution for customers to reduce capital and operating expenses, improve agility, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green.

A member of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), Globe Telecom’s VMware vCloud Powered service aims to deliver a set of cloud computing services across a common platform, while supporting the largest set of existing applications and offering distinctive application mobility uniquely available from VMware.

“As the telco needs of business customers continue to evolve, we at Globe are ready to provide cloud computing solutions that will allow companies to gain access to the latest technologies without purchasing expensive servers and hardware. As equipment that support operations are outsourced to a virtual environment, our clients can now focus more on making their businesses grow,” said Jesus C. Romero, head of Globe Business, the unit in Globe Telecom that serves small, medium and large enterprises.

“Moreover, with the VMware vCloud Powered status of our cloud services, we reaffirm our commitment to provide superior cloud computing experience as the solutions enabler and partner of the top corporations in the country. We look forward to supporting Globe further as it delivers on the agility and performance customers are looking for in the cloud computing landscape.” Romero said.

According to a WMware statement sent to Dateline Philippines, VMware’s application portability will differentiate Globe’s cloud services in the competition while allowing its customers to achieve the flexibility and security they need to enable increased IT agility. With VMware solutions, Globe customers will have the ability to move workloads from their VMware vSphere-based virtualized or private cloud environment to the VMware vCloud Powered service.

“The VMware vCloud Powered program enables our service provider partners to differentiate themselves and help them bring their enterprise-class cloud services to market,” said Ed Lenta, VMware ASEAN general manager.

Globe sought VMware vCloud Powered validation as part of its ongoing quest to offer enterprises a simple, cost effective transition of workloads into a cloud environment that provides high levels of flexibility and access to the latest infrastructure technologies.

Globe offers a wide range of telecommunications services for consumers and businesses including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet, and managed services.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the world, VMware is a global provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions set for enabling IT organizations to energize businesses of all sizes.

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