SSS rolls out new technologies for easier, safer transactions

MANILA, Philippines—The Social Security System (SSS) has started issuing new ID cards under the Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) to facilitate easier and more secure transactions for its more than 29 million members.

SSS vice-president for Public Affairs Marissa Bugante said  the new Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) card allows processing of benefit claims and loan applications through biometric technology.

She said the UMID cards would be used by members to withdraw SSS benefit claims and loan proceeds at automated teller machines.

“SSS members now have easy access to their records to monitor their contributions, benefits and loan payments and determine their eligibility to various SSS programs,” she said.

Members can view their records through Self-Service Information Terminals, which are touch-screen kiosks installed at SSS branches, with a single swipe of their SSS IDs.

Members can also get information using their mobile phones through the Text-SSS facility—a fitting innovation in the country known as the “Text Capital of the World.”

The Text-SSS service has earned SSS the 2011 Honors Laureate citation from Computerworld, an IT oriented media organization based in the United States, for its visionary applications of information technology.

The Enhanced SSS website gives members exclusive online access to their social security records.

Through this website, employers and members can submit contribution and loan collection reports, file benefit claims and loan applications, and set appointments with SSS branches by registering at

Another round-the-clock service for members is the Interactive Voice-Response System (IVRS), a telephone based inquiry facility.

The IVRS uses voice instructions to guide members in getting information about their contributions, benefits, loans, and other social security data.

Modern technology have paved the way for the use of the Automated Records Management System (ARMS), which involves converting paper-based and microfilmed documents into digitized format.

The ARMS offers more efficient records keeping, cost savings, and easy retrieval of documents needed to process benefit claims and loan applications.

With new technology, the SSS is in step with new innovations to provide a mantle of protection to every Filipino worker in the Philippines and abroad.

“The SSS offers a lifeline to private sector workers and their families during times of sickness, maternity, disability, old age, and death,” Bugante said.

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