Leachon unveils 2016 development targets

Mayor Doy Leachon. (File Photo)

Mayor Doy Leachon has unveiled health care services and other initiatives, including 14 public-private projects as part of Calapan City’s 2016 development target.

Leachon outlined  the city government’s 2016 strategy before the legislative council, key community leaders from the media, civil society, agriculture sector, youth sector, and business sector, and governance practitioners from the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) and Institute for Corporate Directors (ICD).

The mayor reported on actual baseline figures for health, employment, tourism and other areas covered by LGU services, and presented strategic projects that would help achieve city performance targets by 2016.

One of these projects is the ‘Orange Card Plus’, a universal registry system that will enable citizen access to health care, medicine, and funeral services. Meanwhile, the ‘City Hall @ Ur Service’ project aims to promote resourcefulness, discipline, and camaraderie among citizens through activities like executive and legislative consultation, pera sa basura, and the re-modelling of white elephant structures.

The Calapan City port

Calapan has identified 14 public-private projects that cover values education, environmental protection, core housing, tourism, risk management, and employment. They will present these development approaches in the Public Governance Forum on September 29.

Doris Melgar, a civil society representative, said she hoped the city would “continue to use the [PGS] process to develop a true development agenda.” Melgar was part of the citizen panel that approved Calapan’s 2016 agenda.

Vice Mayor Jojo Perez led the commitment ceremony, where city officials, panellists, and guests swore to pursue the vision of ’The New Calapan’ – a model of good governance with united and productive Calapeños.

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