EMC unveils VPLEX Geo

DateLine Philippines

MANILA, Philippines–EMC Corp. has announced the imminent arrival in the market of its new EMC VPLEX Geo technology, an industry first that stretches data center walls across continents, enabling the resources of disparate storage systems in geographically-dispersed data centers to be federated together and utilized as a single pool of virtual storage.

When combined with virtual servers this new technology is a key enabler of private and hybrid cloud computing and it fundamentally changes the way data centers are designed and information technology is delivered.

Since the first generation of VPLEX technology was introduced in May — technology with the ability to aggregate resources within a single data center or between data centers less than 100km apart — the technology has been deployed as the foundation of cloud computing by organizations worldwide.

According to EMC’s description of the new technology, “VPLEX Geo enables data mobility, availability and collaboration through active/active data over distance — the ability to non-disruptively move thousands of virtual machines and petabytes of information thousands of miles, allowing customers to dynamically balance workloads and easily shift IT operations out of the way of regional disasters.”

EMC also announced that all versions of VPLEX today now include several new capabilities:

  • The latest version of the VPLEX operating system improves storage efficiency by enabling VPLEX to non-disruptively move or copy virtually provisioned or thinly provisioned devices across EMC and non-EMC arrays, allowing storage to be allocated and consumed only as it is needed.
  • There is now added support for some of the most common midrange storage systems, including those from NetApp and HP, enables more data center resources to be federated.
  • New software capabilities that take the time and complexity out of failovers by constantly monitoring two VPLEX clusters and acting as an independent third-party safeguard and arbitrator that keeps applications online in the event of a failure.
  • VPLEX hardware improvements save space and speed performance. New, smaller rack-mounted clusters include more powerful Intel multi-core processors, PCI Gen 2 cards for faster throughput, and new 10 Gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces for faster communications between clusters.
  • The addition of VPLEX products into the EMC Velocity™ Solution Provider Program, enabling EMC resellers to build solutions and offer leading storage federation technology to their customers.
  •  New EMC Proven Solutions assist customers in effectively leveraging EMC VPLEX Geo with business critical applications, such as Microsoft SQL, SharePoint and SAP in a Hyper-V environment. EMC offers a range of EMC Proven Solutions for VPLEX, providing best-practices for implementations in both VMware and Microsoft environments.

“The market for wind turbines is growing globally and our information technology (IT) infrastructure is constantly expanding to meet the needs of our business of developing, producing and servicing them,” REpower Systems AG server and network management head Carsten Frasczak said. “VPLEX Geo gives us the flexibility we require by linking our two German data centers that are 120km (75 miles) apart. It allows us to take distance out of the equation when allocating resources and providing high availability to our users around the world.”

Ahead technology consultant Brett Foy spoke of the application of VPLEX Geo in the health care sector: “Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) had the admirable goal — and board-driven mandate — to build and deploy an IT infrastructure with the goal of achieving 100-percent uptime. To achieve this they engaged Ahead to design and implement this complex and mission critical infrastructure in their new production data center with redundancy built into both the physical data center as well as within the IT infrastructure. In order to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a total storage array failure, we introduced VPLEX into the environment to guarantee automated failover and no interruption to host input-output (I/O). With VPLEX Metro deployed within a single data center we are able to meet all of the client’s requirements of achieving the highest level of availability.”

EMC president for enterprise storage Brian Gallagher said “VPLEX Geo is key technology that will further accelerate both private and hybrid cloud adoption. It is changing the way organizations think about IT, from data center design to business continuity. Fundamental to this is active/active data over distance. It is the inherent benefit of VPLEX Geo — the ability to fully utilize two separate, geographically separated data centers, including from service providers, as a single shared resource that can be dynamically shifted as needed.”

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