Domestic travels remain the backbone of Philippine tourism industry

MANILA, Philippines—Domestic travels remains the backbone of the Philippine tourism industry even as revenue from foreign tourists remains at P100 billion per year.

Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim said local tourists contribute eight times more to government’s tourism revenues.

“That is why domestic tourism is regarded as the backbone of the industry,” Lim said in a statement.

To entice more local tourists to visit various spots in the country, the DoT is reviving its old “Tara na, biyahe tayo” campaign. A music video will soon be launched titled “Pilipinas Tara Na,” a campaign funded in partnership with the private sector.

In the “Tara na, biyahe tayo,” 41 artists joined the campaign. The remake version has more than 51 artists, which will hit the TV screens soon, Alberto said.

Alberto also announced that an online campaign on domestic tourism funded by a pharmaceutical firm is in the works.

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