Philippine-made game stamps mark among iOS users

DateLine Philippines

Just two months after its launch, a casual game created by a local duo has started to make the rounds among iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users from all over the world.

The game, called SwipeTapTap (STT), was developed by Howard Go, a Manila-based Filipino, and his friend Kyle Yamamoto, an American who has been working in Cebu for about two years now.

Go and Yamamoto are co-founders of their start-up firm, MochiBits.

According to Go, SwipeTapTap is “basically a simple Simon Says gesture game with brightly colored orbs that’s easy to play, but difficult to master.”

He said the game has been given favorable reviews by a handful of foreign sites. At Apple’s iTunes online store, where the game is sold for $0.99, a quote from said: “STT has all the hallmarks of an instant classic. … It might be the best new game of 2011 to date.”

No figures were available, however, to indicate the number of users who have downloaded the game since its launch in March.

The game, Go explained, has four game modes, with each mode posing a different challenge.

Classic — Must eliminate “orbs” with gestures before they reach the other side of the screen.
Memory — A memory version of Simon Says but with gestures.
Speed — Get as many correct moves as you can in an allotted time.
Endurance — Last as long as you can. Starts slow, then gradually gets faster with more gestures thrown in.

Though classified as a casual game, Go said SwipeTapTap, is full of action. “[It will] push your reaction time, hand-and-eye coordination, memory, and mental focus to their limits,” he said.

Mochibits said in its website that it has created three other games – iSlap, Pocket Sniper, and Lucky Cat. While both iSlap and Lucky Cat are still available at the Apple AppStore, Pocket Sniper has already been taken down by Apple, the company said.

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