San Jose works to boost tourism industry

In a bid to boost tourism, San Jose is developing two sites–Aroma Beach Walk and Islang Puti–that have great potential to attract investors and holidaymakers.

In Barangay Bubu, Mayor Jose T. Villarosa ordered the construction of the Aroma Beach Walk Cottages.

The beach is already a favorite picnic spot in San Jose and putting up cottages and other facilities is seen to increase tourist arrival in the area, Villarosa said.

Islang Puti is another site that the municipality expects to lure both investors and tourists.

The islet off San Jose coast is already a favorite tourist destination because of its proximity to Apo Reefs. It has powdery white beach.

Villarosa said that San Jose will purchase two speed boats that will ferry tourists to Islang Puti.

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