RH bill OK’d at committee level

DateLine Philippines

MANILA–The reproductive health bill sailed through the committee level in the House of Representatives Monday despite efforts to delay its approval.

“An act providing for a comprehensive policy on responsible parenthood, reproductive health and population development and for other purposes” is a consolidation of six bills pending before the committee on population and family relations.

Representative Rogelio Espina, chairman of the committee, said he expects the bill to be brought to plenary for debates by the middle of February.

Interviewed after the hearing, Espina said the committee tweaked the bill to include in the title “responsible parenthood,” to give recognition to what is being pushed by the Catholic church and Malacañang.

But he added that “controversial provisions” are still incorporated in the bill, including allowing couples to choose between natural and artificial methods of birth control.

“You cannot achieve an effective policy if you don’t touch natural and artificial birth control,” Espina said. Read More

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