Filipinos in Egypt remain safe—DFA

MANILA—Filipinos in Egypt remain safe even as anti-government protests are escalating across the Arab nation, demanding for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila said.

But the DFA said it has P25 million as standby emergency fund in case the Filipinos there need to be evacuated.

Philippine Charge d’Affaires Eduardo Pablo Maglaya said the current situation on the ground has not changed, and there has been no reports of any attacks targeting foreigners.

Maglaya said there is no imminent danger to the lives of Filipinos there even as he reiterated the advise to the Filipino community to stay indoors, steer clear of public places-especially sites of mass protest and avoid involvement in political actions.

At a press conference in Manila Monday, the DFA reported that Philippine Embassy in Cairo has met with the leaders of the Filipino community to confirm their safety and fine-tune the contingency plan, including relocation centers, a review of prepared routes, and other aspects in case their evacuation becomes necessary.

At the same time, the embassy is conducting a phone brigade, calling Filipino community members to check on their condition and to know their whereabouts.

Also on Monday, Special Assistant Enrico Fos of the Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs (OUMWA) left for Egypt to help the embassy in Cairo in the implementation of contingency measures.

In Manila, a 24-hour emergency center has been set up at the DFA-OUMWA. Those who would like to inquire about their relatives in Egypt can call its hotline number (02) 834-4580.

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