Pinoy killed in Saudi flood

MANILA—A Filipino was among the 11 people who died from Wednesday’s flooding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, officials said.

Torrential rains inundated large areas of the city found on the coast of the Red Sea, shutting down schools, power supplies and leaving distraught Saudis and foreign workers wading through flooded streets.

Of the 11 fatalities, one was a Filipino, two Saudis two Chadians, one Egyptian, one Turk, one Yemeni, one Bangladeshi and a Nepalese, the English daily Arab News reported. The nationality of the other victim was not available as of this posting.

The Saudi Civil Defense office said Friday that three others were reported missing by their families while at least 100 people were treated for injuries.

The Saudi Electricity Company said up to 70,000 of its subscribers lost power on Wednesday, the Arab News reported. As of Friday, 4,361 subscribers were still without power.

Looting was reported in various areas of the city with thieves taking advantage of the chaos that ensued.

A Filipino resident from Faisaliyah said his car was stolen.

“It took me nine hours to get home after I was stranded somewhere in the industrial area in the south,” the Filipino, identified only as Alfonso, was quoted by Arab News as saying.

“Arriving home was a miracle for me. I parked my car as normal and went upstairs to get some rest. Five minutes later, I heard the sound of glass being broken and when I looked outside the window, someone was speeding away with my car,” he said.

His call to police failed to get through, the report added.

Communication also bogged down. Residents in flooded districts have remained without mobile phone signals due to damaged cellphone towers, Arab News said.

All schools will remain close until February 11, the Ministry of Education said. But Buds and Blossoms International School said it will reopen Tuesday.

Major roads had been reopened as of Friday.

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