Calapan senior citizens plea for passenger-friendly tricycles

Senior citizens in Calapan grumble that tricycles in the city are badly designed and they want the Sangguniang Panglungsod to compel operators to make them friendly for the elderly.

The Federation of Senior Citizens Associations Calapan City (FSCACC), in a follow-up resolution, urged the city council to require a standard dimension for tricycles.

They complained that they could hardly enter into and get off from tricycles in Calapan due to the varying sizes of entrance and uncomfortable position of passengers inside.

Apparently, majority of the tricycles in the city have low floorboards which make it difficult for passengers to enter and exit. Its low roof also hinders passenger movement inside. Most senior citizens complain of their heads being tossed back and forth.
“It is not only the senior citizens who will benefit for the approval and passing of the resolution but also the youth today whose generations are tall,” said an FSCACC member.

This was the second time the federation asked the city government to look into their complaint about unfriendly design of tricycles for senior citizens.

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