KC Concepcion in Uganda for UN mission

GoodNews Pilipinas

Actress-TV host KC Concepcion continues to give back not only at home but also to poor countries in Africa.

She has embarked on her first-ever mission outside the Philippines as the country’s United Nations World Food Programme Ambassador Against Hunger.

KC is in the poverty-stricken African nation of Uganda for a three-day mission together with her team mates at the United Nations World Food Programme.

The 25-year-old said she’s “just glad that I can help out in whatever capacity.”

“I represent the UN not only here in the Philippines but also wherever they think I should go, in this case, Africa. I’ve gone to Mindanao several times and so this for me is also a learning experience never having been to Africa,” she said.

“Conflicts all over the world result in the same kind of suffering and pain for the affected populations. We share a common predicament as human beings whether in Mindanao or Uganda. We go all over to draw as much attention to these conflicts and the efforts of the UN,” said KC.

“So this month, nasa Africa ako and in the next few months I’m sure nasa Mindanao ulit ako at kung saan man ako makakatulong,” she said.

As ambassador of the WFP, KC previously launched an online auction for the benefit of children, particularly in tension-affected areas in Mindanao called “KC’s Closet.”

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