Dengue fever cure using Tawa Tawa

Dengue fever is a dreaded global disease caused by a virus transmitted through mosquito bites. The disease may develop to life-threatening complications such as dengue hemorrhagic fever (which may lead to severe hemorrhage) and dengue shock syndrome (where a very low blood pressure can cause organ dysfunction).

Being a viral infection, the prevailing treatment is only supportive, using either oral or intravenous rehydration for mild or moderate disease and blood transfusions for more severe cases.

In the Philippines, some people have claimed that a simple weed cured their dengue illness. This weed is called Gatas Gatas or Tawa Tawa.

The MAmamayan, HAyupan at TAniman (MAHATA) wrote this account:

A nephew, seven-year-old Jeremy, came down with dengue fever. Immediately, relatives from Cagayan de Oro City who knew learned about the curative power of Tawa Tawa, sent via airplane a handful of Tawa Tawa. In 24 hours, my nephew was cured.

My aunt Portia is a known herbalist at the National Housing Authority head office in Quezon City. She planted Tawa Tawa weeds around the NHA compound. Many NHA employees have gone to Auntie Portia for help when the virus struck their families.

Here’s how Auntie Portia prepares her Tawa Tawa herbal medicine:

  • Take 5 to 6 full whole Tawa Tawa plants
  • Cut off the roots
  • Wash thoroughly
  • Fill a boiling pot with clean water
  • Boil the Tawa Tawa for 1 (one) minute in low fire
  • Let it cool
  • Drink 1 to 1.5 glasses of Tawa Tawa juice every hour for 24 hours

Note: MAHATA advocates organic farming through the integration of culinary herbs, medicinal plant and high value crops using the concept of community-based agroforestry as an effective approach to protecting the environment.

8 thoughts on “Dengue fever cure using Tawa Tawa

  1. Thanks for the info. hoping that my son would be ok after this. we’re not pretty sure yet if its a dengue or some other virus yet thanks for the info again.


  2. Tawa-Tawa is another effective herbal plant that is widely known for its fine properties as an aid in the healing process of a dengue fever victim who are often diagnosed through their low blood platelet count.

    Few research studies show a significant increase in the body’s blood platelet count upon regular intake of Tawa-Tawa.

    Finally, you can take doses of the herb without the hassle of boiling the leaves and bear with the bitter taste since its now in capsule form called Dengue-Aid.

    Dengue-Aid is a potent herbal supplement in capsules which is taken from pure extracts from the Euphorbia hirta Linn herbs which is commonly known as “Tawa-Tawa” by the local residents in the Philippines.

    Buy Tawa-Tawa Capsule at


  3. Is this site more inclined to Oriental Mindoro? Hardly any write up on Occidental. When will you update the list of candidates?


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