Campaign vs use of plastic, styrofoam begins in Batangas City

BATANGAS CITY—The city government has started its campaign against the use of plastic and styrofoam materials in packaging products in accordance with the Batangas City Environmental Code passed by the city council last year.

The regulation aims to reduce the bulk of non-biodegradable wastes in the city to protect the environment. The law strictly prohibits the use of plastic bags.

In addition, business establishments are required to make use of biodegradable materials like cartons and paper bags for product packaging.

The city environment and natural resources office is tasked to monitor the implementation of the said ordinance.

There are four stages in the implementation of the e-code: Stage 1 – six months after approval of e-code, covers all markets and local government institutions; Stage 2 – eight months after the approval, includes educational institutions; Stage 3 – two years after the approval, covers all business establishments; and Stage 4 – full implementation of the code three years after its approval.

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