Bullish economy to generate 1.1 million new jobs

MANILA—The National Economic and Development Authority’s projection of seven to eight percent economic growth this year will generate 1.1 million new jobs, the annual target in job generation to enable the country to make a dent in unemployment.

This prompted Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz to direct all regional chiefs of the Department of Labor to help workers take advantage to the economic growth.

Baldoz said priority programs would be implemented across the country to facilitate employment in sectors that are seen to drive economic growth particularly in the regions.

Dialogues with social partners, through the Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC), will also be strengthened to ensure industrial peace which is imperative in economic growth and job generation, she said.

The labor chief said that the social partners’ willingness to focus on economic growth and poverty alleviation will also cement the country’s status as Asia’s industrial peace hub since 2007 when it started achieving an annual one-digit strike level.

“From being Asia’s strike capital, the Philippines is now the envy of other Asian countries for its success in maintaining industrial peace, which will further be ensured as the social partners will focus on economic growth and poverty alleviation,” she said.

“Labor and management will strive to resolve industrial conflict to prevent strikes, lockouts, and hindrances to business growth, thereby, ensuring industrial peace in the country,” Baldoz said.

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