Coast Guard reports no major sea mishaps in 2010

MANILA–The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has reported “virtually zero” major maritime accidents last year.

“Virtually, it’s zero maritime accidents this year. No major accidents to speak of,” said PCG commandant Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo.

“We have two but it does not involved local vessels. These are foreign vessels but it happened in our waters,” he said.

Tamayo said this showcased strong teamwork and good working relationships among all coast guards.

He said the zero incidence of sea mishaps could be attributed to various factors, including a lesser number of storms, government’s more proactive preparations, and the greater maritime safety consciousness or awareness on the part of ship operators, their crew, and the riding public.

At the same time, he pointed out other variables like the improved and a more stringent implementation safety and security policies or standards, a much improved PCG maritime communications system, and sustained operational readiness and strategic deployment of maritime search and rescue (SAR) and disaster response assets.

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