P1-B hydro power plant to be built in Puerto Princesa City

PUERTO PRINCESA—A P1-billion hydro electric power plant will be constructed next year in Puerto Princesa City with about 30,000 households expected to benefit from the first hydro project to be built under the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

The Langogan Power Corporation got the go-ahead signal from the Department of Energy in February to build two hydropower projects in Puerto Princesa, the Langogan and Batang Batang projects.

Langogan Power Corporation will develop a “run of river” power generation facility that will produce 6.8 megawatts of electricity in Barangay Langogan in Puerto Princesa City. The clean and renewable hydro power will provide additional energy source for the burgeoning business activity in the city.

All permits necessary for the project have already been secured except for an electricity sales agreement (ESA), which is currently being negotiated with the private sectors. Detailed engineering is complete and the project management is now bidding the project for the construction of the power plant. First power to the grid is expected around late 2012.

The twin 3.4MW hydro-turbines will supply at least 32 million kwh of electricity to the Palawan grid. The diesel generators will continue to operate at their contracted capacity even with the hydropower operation. Hydropower will only replace the old and expensive to run NPC generators that have a short-term contract with the Palawan Electric Cooperative.

The “run of river” hydro power plant is 100 percent renewable, meaning it’s a natural resource that can replenish itself over time. This will go along way to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from diesel run power plants. It is expected to reduce the carbon emission by as much as 26,500 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

During construction, the project is expected to employ between 250 to 300 local residents for around 18 months. The residents of host communities Sitio Macandring and Sitio Manggapin will benefit directly from the project.

Following completion of the power plant, it will employ operations and maintenance crews 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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