Paras’ ex-campaign exec stabbed to death in Calapan

A former campaign official of ex-Calapan City Vice Mayor Robert Paras died Saturday afternoon while being treated for multiple stab wounds at the provincial hospital, his friends told The Mindoro Post.

Cado Batas. Photo softlinked from the Facebook account of Aristedes Leuterio Sr.

Ricardo “Cado” Batas, a resident of Barangay Ibaba in Calapan City, died from eight stab wounds, his friends, who refused to be named, said.

Sources said a knife-wielding man attacked Batas in an apparent fit of jealousy over a woman.

The suspect, also a resident of Ibaba, fled after the attack, witnesses said.

Batas was a student activist in the Divine Word College of Calapan at the height of the anti-dictatorship movement in the 1980s.

He later joined community organizing work, serving farmers and other marginalized sectors of Oriental Mindoro.

In the last May election, Batas served as a political officer of Paras’ mayoral campaign.

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