Man jailed for ‘raping’ dog loves pigs, too

Sure he loves animals but not in a way animal rights advocates would be pleased.

The farmer charged for allegedly twice raping a dog in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro had, it turned out, sexually abused a pig as well.

As investigation into the bizarre case went on, police records showed the 33-year-old suspect was still residing in neighboring Naujan town when his peculiar taste for animal was first reported.

A hog owner lodged a complaint that his pig was sexually attacked by the farmer. But the stunned owner later opted not to press charges.

The farmer, who is married, then moved to Victoria where he was apparently caught twice this month having sexual intercourse with a dog.

The pet owner, who told police he witnessed the second attack in his own backyard in Barangay Polblacion I, filed animal cruelty charges against the farmer.

The suspect is now in the custody of the Victoria police awaiting results of the preliminary investigation.

If found guilty of violating the Animal Welfare Act, the farmer could be jailed from six months up to two years and pay a fine of not less that P1,000 but not more than P5,000.

Zoophilia, or the practice of sex between humans and animals, is not outlawed in the Philippines. But as in many cultures, its practice in the country is considered a taboo.

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