Calapan’s modern public market to open December 8

The newly-built Calapan public market.

The most modern public market in the Mimaropa region is set to open in Calapan City but some lease holders are already selling their units ahead of the December 8 launch.

Some stall owners were selling their lease rights at a high price, the Calapan City Information Office said in a statement.

Mayor Paulino Salvador “Doy” Leachon stressed that market vendors could not sell their leased units.

“Vendors have no right to sell those stalls because this market is owned by the city government,” said Leachon, also the chairman of the League of Cities of the Philippines.

The Calapan City Public Market is currently the most modern public market in Region IV-B, composed of the island provinces of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan.

The two story building, equipped with an elevator and an escalator, houses stalls for dry goods on the ground floor and the wet section on the second floor.

All stalls on the ground floor have been occupied while awarding of rights for the second floor is ongoing, the city government said.

Meat vendors have been sent an invitation to lease but no one has signified interest so far, it added.

The new public market, built after the old single-story market was gutted by fire in May 2008, is set to be formally opened ahead of the holiday season on December 8.

2 thoughts on “Calapan’s modern public market to open December 8

  1. There is something to a market design that places the wet section on the second floor above the dry section. When the wet section gets flooded the dry section will too. This assumes that the wet section is where the meat and fish are sold. It takes more work to bring water to the second floor than the first. What gives?


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