Mindoreño truck driver found dead in Qatar

A Mindoreño truck driver in Qatar was found dead in his room Saturday night (Doha time), a news report said.

Dionisio Magaway, 50, may have suffered sudden serious illness, the Qatar English daily The Peninsula reported.

The Philippine Embassy in Qatar has yet to ascertain the cause of death his death although his companion said that when he left in the morning Magaway was ill, the reports said.

He also said that Magaway was on medication for diabetes and hypertension.

Magaway, a native of Occidental Mindoro, was set to return home in May when his work contract was supposed to end after two years of working as driver in Qatar, The Peninsula said.

Vice Consul Jabbar Adiong said the embassy is now working on the early repatriation of Magaway’s remains on instructions of Ambassador Crescente Relacion who was in Dubai for an official mission.

His family in Occidental Mindoro had been notified of his death and company representatives have coordinated with the embassy to process documents to send his body home, the report said.

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