Foreign electric vehicle makers praise Pinoy eJeepney

By GoodNews Pilipinas

Electric vehicle manufacturers from various countries have praised the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines for producing the Philippine’s first electric eJeepneys, during the recently concluded Electric Vehicles Asia conference in Hong Kong.

Ferdi Raquel Santos, Vic Co, and Rommel Juan, all of MVPMAP who attended the conference, believed that the recognition was primarily due to the successful implementation of the eJeepney project in the Philippines.

“While new inventions and discoveries are important, finding ways to actually use these innovations and integrate them into their lifestyles is where Filipinos excel and this is where Filipinos apply their ingenuity and creativity,” Juan said.

“SMS (text messaging) is a system that was developed in another country but Filipinos were among the ones who found an innovative, and now essential, use for this tool. Similarly, we did not invent electric vehicles but we are among the countries who have developed a way to integrate these electric vehicles in our public transportation system,” he said.

The Philippines has long been engaged in various activities promoting the use of alternative fuel resources. A number of taxi operators, for instance, have converted their units to run on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and are being serviced by gasoline stations that also provide other alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.

Believing that introducing the electric vehicle directly to both commuters and transportation providers directly might prove difficult, the MVPMAP decided to reach out to government agencies to enable the implementation of a pilot program as a “proof of concept.”

“If we can’t offer it to the private sector yet, why not implement an alternative system which the government can use not just for transport but also to promote alternative fuel resources? The free rides that we offer will help the public become familiar with electric vehicles and know how safe it is,” said Raquelsantos.

“The eJeepney project in the Philippines takes a smarter approach; it makes more sense because it starts with commercial applications like public transportation. Consumers can, at zero risk, gain positive experience with electric vehicles,” he said.

Juan also said that the vehicle was considered environment-friendly because it did not create noise or produce harmful exhaust emissions like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that could contribute to climate change at excessive levels.

Unlike hybrids or electric concept cars, the eJeepneys use ordinary car batteries for power. And while this is far from the gold standard of electric vehicles (the latest ones use batteries similar to those used on laptops), it is still better than fossil fuels. The idea is that electric vehicles get “cleaner” as time passes and the electric grid begins using more eco-friendly power sources.

The use of electric vehicles is gaining ground with the launch of various electric vehicle projects like the one in Puerto Princesa and the Makati Green Route Program featuring the eJeepney.

One thought on “Foreign electric vehicle makers praise Pinoy eJeepney

  1. I’m glad to see so many people, companies, government, and organizations helping the green movement. Electric Vehicles are really going to become popular! Thanks for sharing!


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