Gibo, Gordon coy about sex life

By DateLine Philippines

Presidential candidates Gilberto Teodoro Jr. and Richard Gordon gave a glimpse into their physical health but stopped short at opening up about their sex life.

Teodoro, of the ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD, and Gordon of the Bagumbayan party, faced health professionals in a forum at the Medical City hospital in Pasig City.

The administration bet disclosed that he is hypertensive and is taking medication for high blood sugar levels. He added that he needs his gall bladder taken out.

“I have the good fortune of inheriting a lot of things from my parents, including hypertension and high blood sugar, for which I take maintenance medicine every day. Aside from a gallbladder that needs to be taken out as soon as I have time, I’m okay,” he said.

But when asked if he still has a sex life with the heavy campaign schedule, Teodoro replied: “That is within the protective sphere of privacy.”

Gordon was equally coy, quipping when asked the same question: “You don’t want me to brag here, do you?”

The Bagumbayan bet said he had a sore throat from campaigning, but apart from this, he is physically fit.

He said his doctor, who was in the audience, could attest to this.

During the forum, Teodoro said he favors government funding for both natural and modern family planning.

But Gordon said the government should not spend money for condoms and use the money for education instead.

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