Fans, analyst hit Clottey for not fighting it out with Pacquiao

By DateLine Philippines

Ghanaian boxer Joshua Clottey is a “bad example” for the next fighter who will face off with People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao, a sports analyst said Monday.

“Masamang ehemplo si Clottey, dahil walang kagana-gana ang laro [Clottey is a bad example because shows no enthusiasm],” seasoned analyst Al Mendoza said over dzMM radio.

At the 12-round slugfest, Clottey tried on many occasions to cover his face from Pacquiao’s incoming fist.

Mendoza added, “Ang sa akin diyan, before six rounds, tulog na niyan (Clottey). Nakalimutan ko ang anggulo (na) kung hindi nga siya lalaban, aabot talaga ng 12 rounds [I said he (Clottey) would be knocked down before the 6th round. I forgot to consider that if he did not find, he would reach the 12th round].”

Even if Clottey lost, he is set to receive about $2 million for the fight. “Talo siya pero panalo siya [He lost but he won] in the end,” Mendoza said.

Pacquiao won by unanimous decision over Joshua Clottey in an unexciting 12-round match that left fans asking for more.

More than 50,000 people trooped to the Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas to witness the fight. Fans expressed disappointed over what they said was Clottey’s unwillingness to fight it out with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao ruled the ring from round one, but was forced to throw mostly body shots, as Clottey chose to lock his arms in front of his face to avoid being clobbered by the pound-for-pound king.

The strategy prevented Pacquio from giving Clottey his first technical knock out (TKO). But dodging the Pacman’s determined punches was not enough for the Ghanaian boxer to win the match.

The final tally said it all: two judges scored it 119-109 and the other 120-108, all in favor of Pacquiao.

Pacquiao retained his WBO welterweight title while Clottey lost his second straight fight.

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