After 20 years in business, Adventures 411 website shut

After more than 20 years in business of booking thrill-seeking clients, US-based Adventures 411 stopped operations.

Its owner, Bill Walker, said he shut the website due to economic reasons, the online Missoula Independent reported.

Adventures 411 came under fire from outraged Filipinos for advertising trophy hunting on Mindoro Island.

On February 25, The Mindoro Post broke the story “US website offers rare Mindoro forest animals for trophy hunting.”

The following day, the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources warned that wildlife hunting is illegal in the Philippines and violators could face arrest.

Links showing mostly Caucasian hunters with their “trophies” were also posted on the social networking site Facebook, triggering a long thread of reactions from outraged members, mostly Filipinos. Animal rights blogs decried the safaris.

A check on Adventures 411 on February 26 showed the Mindoro hunting section contained dead links. And while the Philippine page remained accessible, it too was taken down later.

Afterward, Adventures 411 was closed altogether.

Walker told the Independent that the entire site was shut late February. The Mindoro Post, however, was able to open the website until at least early March.

Walker, a Montana-based educator, admitted receiving hate-mails and he lamented that the accusations leveled against him were unfair. He told the Independent that he did not actually run the safaris and never even booked a client for the Mindoro trophy hunting.

One thought on “After 20 years in business, Adventures 411 website shut

  1. The image of a tamaraw being brought down by a trophy hunter is very dramatic with the loud gunshot, the gore of blood spattered over the ground and mean sportmen gloating over their kill.

    The slow extinction of the tamaraw specie, not just one animal, being brought about by Intex
    Resources mining is less dramatic. It will take place during the 20 years or so of the duration of mining as the habitat is gradually clear-cut and dug-up.

    In addition , there are 9 endemic species that are also at risk of disappearing due to habitat destruction.

    But we Mindorenos are not as outrage about this massive killings (extinction) that we are not driven to shut down Intex Mining in Mindoro! Instead through inaction or ineffective reaction we have allowed Intex to forge ahead on the mining process as they are laughing on the way to the bank.

    For the lack of drama?


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