DFA says Pinoys safe in Chile

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said no casualties were reported among Filipinos in quake-ravaged Chile.

DFA spokesman Eduardo Malaya said an embassy personnel only sustained ankle injury after a wooden plank fell from a cabinet in their bedroom

In her report to the DFA, Philippine ambassador to Chile Consuelo Puyat Reyes said that the country was still feeling some aftershocks.

“There is little flooding due to the tsunami. Electricity, water and communications facilities are still down in the capital city of Santiago, where the Embassy is located,” said Puyat-Reyes.

Philippine ambassador to Argentina Rey Carandang also reported that Buenos Aires and some provinces in Argentina, especially those bordering Chile also experienced earthquakes.

“No victims or damage to structures have so far been reported, despite the strong aftershocks which continue to be felt,” Carandang said on Sunday.

He said Filipinos in the provinces near the Chilean border are in Mendoza. They include four priests under the Society of the Divine Word and a Filipina married to an Argentinean national, Carandang added.

“We have spoken to Fr. Rupert Solis who assured us that he and his companions are alright. He was particularly appreciative of our phone call. The Filipina married to an Argentinean is on holiday in the Philippines with her husband and children, according to her in-laws,” he said.

The Philippine embassy in Argentina, Carandang added, advised the Filipino community through its coordinator and email network to take the necessary precautions and to communicate with the Embassy any emergency.

Most of the Filipinos in Argentina are concentrated in the capital city of Buenos Aires, he said.

In Hawaii, staff and personnel of the Philippine consulate in Honolulu moved with their families to higher ground in response to the early tsunami alert in the island-state.

Hawaii state officials later rescinded the advisory after the tsunami waves were found to be not immediately threatening to lives and property. DateLine Philippines

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