Gibo is no. 2 in political ads spending

By DateLine Philippines

Lakas-Kampi-NUCD standard bearer Gilbert Teodoro, to date, is the second biggest spender in terms of campaign ads.

Data from AGB Nielsen Media Research showed that Teodoro had already spent P407 million for political advertisements.

The former Defense secretary said his campaign ads are “clicking,” and, as far as he is concerned, his overall message would remain realistic and devoid of rosy promises.

Teodoro, however, acknowledges comments and proposals, such as one made by Presidential Political Adviser Prospero Pichay, who said that the administration bet’s campaign message is not getting through the people.

Pichay noted that people did not understand Teodoro’s television ad showing him switching on the controls of a plane preparing for takeoff. He said this failure to communicate the right message was causing Teodoro to lag in the surveys.

Reggie Velasco, deputy secretary general of the administration party Lakas-Kampi-Christian Muslim Democrats, said Teodoro is “satisfied” with the public’s reception of his campaign ads and does not believe an overhaul is needed.

Velasco said Teodoro himself conceptualizes the campaign ads that they air, with the help of a few advisers.

“He believes it is clicking. Besides, TV ads are not the only medium of our campaign, there’s radio, print and the internet,” he said.

If the campaign ads are not getting through the people, then why the rousing public reception of Teodoro in his campaign sorties, said Velasco, who accompanies Teodoro as he goes around the country to court votes.

“Sama-sama tayo sa pag-ahon,” is Teodoro’s main message, Velsaco said. “He is very realistic. He won’t say ‘he will give you jobs, he will give you homes.’ He will tell you he will lead this country to economic prosperity and with the cooperation of the people, our conditions would be better.”

Asked about the plane taking off in the TV ads, Velasco said, “Of course the Filipinos understood what it meant, and isn’t a plane a better means of transport than jeep or tricycle?” apparently referring to the campaign ads of former president Joseph Estrada and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, who are running for president and vice president, respectively.

One thought on “Gibo is no. 2 in political ads spending

  1. Have they been asked or has any of the presidential candidates stated their stand on the Intex Nickel mining, the trophy hunting of the tamaraw and the decimation of endangered endemic species in the Mindoro watershed, the increase risk of contaminating and polluting the marine resources along the Tablas straits on the east side of Mindoro when the tankers carrying ore, sulfuric acid ,spent diesel fuel oil converge on the Pola coast for Intex, the contamination of the coral triangle at the Verde island passage where Pres.Arroyo has a photo-op dive?

    These questions need to be asked in addition to how much will be my share on the take when the particular candidate becomes President.

    To illustrate, if candidate A is going to give you P 2,000 for your vote and candidate B “premyo” is P1,500, if candidate B will not permit Intex to mine and the value of that less risk to destruction of life and livelihood to you is more than P500, then you have a reason to vote for candidate B.

    Now if you accept both the P2,000 and the P1,500 from both candidates, then you can instantly go to the restaurant and buy beer and pulutan and celebrate before the incoming administration make your life more miserable than before.


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