US website offers rare Mindoro forest animals for trophy hunting

A US-based trophy hunting site is offering a jungle safari on Mindoro island to kill “some native species you simply cannot hunt anywhere else in the world today.”

For a fee of $13,800, will provide guide service for a 14-day hunting “privilege” to shoot water buffaloes, forest buffaloes, bearded warty pigs and wild boars.

“Small Jungle Cats are available as possibilities present themselves; including the Black Philippine Jungle Cat, Large Palm Civet Cat and Small Palm Civet Cat,” said on its website.

“Possibilities for Asian Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer and Saltwater Crocodile exist but collection permits will have to be researched for the time of the planned safari and provided to you before collection,” it said.

For a 20-day extended safari, a hunter can collect five to six trophy species, said.

Soon it will offer trophy hunting for saltwater crocodiles.

“Unfortunately, hunters from the US and EU will probably not be able to import these animals, but that should not stop hunters from Mexico, South America and other parts of the world from doing so,” it said.

“With China still closed to trophy hunters, these Philippine jungle safaris offer the only real opportunity today to collect some of these unique Asian species,” it said.

“Nowhere else can a hunter collect the number of rare native Asiatic trophies on a single safari.”

3 thoughts on “US website offers rare Mindoro forest animals for trophy hunting

  1. Sometime last year I happened to spot a rare Panay monitor lizard (Varanus mabitang) along the rocky cliff of Brgy. Balite in Calapan City but failed to take a good shot (picture) of the reptile. There were numerous wildlife laws under DENR supervision although strict implementation is another question. As a deputized wildlife officer I will look into the matter and personally take that as a precaution for them that any violation will be dealt with corresponding legal action on our side. So better take a second look if they want to exploit and contribute to biodiversity loss this is not place to be in. Biodiversity loss could trigger enormous effects on food security, health, shelter, medicine and aesthetic and other life sustaining resources. Year 2010 is the declared as International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations. Let us save our biodiversity and save our humanity!


  2. Local officials can’t lift their claws if there are higher officials involved in these hunting tours. These are the real “buwayas” who feed in the loopholes of the laws, and where their insatiable thirst for money fills their quench more than anything else.

    For a website to courageously flaunt their reign over these adventures, defying restrictions for hunting endangered and near-endangered species, and to lure those hunters-cum-rapists in our land, they probably have the backing of something….or someone.

    Let the hunting games begin! As their hunting for trophy starts, it’s also time to hunt who is responsible for this cruel act.


  3. I am under the impression that Dwarf/Saltwater buffalos are a very endangered and very protected Philippine species. As far as I know, it is even illegal to shoot Asian water buffalos. Are the locals who are involved in this kind of tourism aware of our laws? Are they operating these tours with the permission of, or under the noses of, the local government?

    The Philippines is my country, and I have never ever seen one of these beautiful Tamaraw for myself. I hope all the hunters involved, who apparently do not check on the laws of the countries they visit, or simply do not care, get a very nasty case of schistosomiasis and die of the disease.


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