DOST: Global climate change now an alarming issue

The increase in Green House Gases (GHG) emissions due mainly to human activities causes global warming which leads to climate change, which is now an alarming issue.

This was stressed by Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development (PCIERD) Science Research Specialist Ryan Cristopher P. Viado, in a forum at the Benguet State University last week.

According to Viado, if the GHG continues to increase, people could face bigger problems such as rising sea level, varying temperature, precipitation, and extreme events that might resulted to an increase in diseases, lower water availability, increased flooding, increased heating and cooling demand, increased in migration of people, economic distributions, increased of peak energy loads, loss of cultural heritage, air and water quality degradation.

Viado explained that global temperature has been rising faster from year 1951-2006. Based on 2007 assessment report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human activities has the highest contribution to global warming and increased atmospheric concentrations of greenhouses.

The global average surface temperature increased by 0.74 degree Celsius from year 1960 to year 2005. Meanwhile, the average sea level rose due to increased in the Global average surface temperature with an average rate of 1.8 mm per year over 1961 to 2003.

PCIERD-DOST made the assertion in the Science and Technology Techno Fora of the 2010 North Luzon Cluster S&T Fair: Seminar on “Climate Change: Adaption and Mitigation” to urge citizen to be more participative and aware on the issue of climate change. Philippine Information Agency

2 thoughts on “DOST: Global climate change now an alarming issue

  1. Our DOST and other government agencies only Know the Know but they do not Know the DO.? Billions of pesos now was been release at 10% interest yearly through Land Bank of the Philippines, ADB ( P 7.2 pesos from a German Bank and P 10.2 billion pesos from a Bank from France) this might be another fertilizer scam in the making. This all intended for climate change programs. Where are the jatropha project, biofuel project,cocoo desiel, ethanol, it all vanish and regrets that this will be paid by our next generation. There is an elementary concept to save our planet earth, just, just abolish the fuel coal that emits 6 billion metric tons of CO2 yearly the main cause of climate change that is now devastating our planet earth. The J P I Fuel Enterprise had develop an option fuel to replace coal to energize all of the worlds direct burning industries with everlasting supply. I introduce this to our government since 2000 and still waits result. Hope of no hope the company is forced to construct mini plant to pulverize lime stone for our country’s gold mining industry to show that it really works, this and all this is with-out government support in-spite of so many appeals for funding. May the people of the Philippine battle cry now where does the money go for climate change funding.


  2. There is solution to climate change, just abolish the fuel coal that emits 6 billion metric tons of CO2 yearly(source National Geographic). The JPI Fuel Industry had develop an option fuel for coal and can energize all of the worlds direct burning industries both for none power and power industry. It is made of organic waste (biomass base) when process forms an innovated firewood fuel with a neutral CO2 emission . Our country can produce 120 million metric tons yearly and our industry needs 20 million metric tons. Fuel ash dispose can be use as organic fertilizer and biofuel (juice produce on the milling/pressing process). The product is 80% cheaper than coal and no cutting of trees.


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