Margie Holmes roots for ‘sexy’ Satur

By DateLine Philippines

Nationalist, activist, journalist, lawmaker.

Add one more tag to the many attached to senatorial candidate Satur Ocampo–sexy.

Noted psychologist and sex and relationship expert Margarita Holmes said the description fits Ocampo, the militant party-list lawmaker who is running for senator under the Makabayan-Nacionalista Party slate.

“The only reason why I’m voting is because I’m voting for Satur,” said Holmes at a fund-raising dinner for Ocampo in Makati City Friday night.

“Is he a sex idol? Yes, he is. Sex doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are things that make a person sexy like integrity, good physique, intelligence,” Holmes said.

Holmes, who is also a columnist, a television resource person and faculty member at the University of the Philippines (UP), said this is the first time she is going all out for a candidate, and for the dinner, she paid for a whole table, or P10,000.

“You know, for a UP faculty member that means a lot because we only get peanuts. I’m sorry, this is on the side, because it reminds me of Satur, because we really have to help him, he’s one of the few honest people around,” she said.

Holmes said she’s willing to buy few more dinner tickets if Ocampo’s camp organizes another event.

Although she admitted not having worked with Ocampo in the past, Holmes said she sees him as a “good man.”

“I know he’s a good man, I know from the things he’s done, I can tell from the way he speaks, I can tell because he’s so malumanay (sot spoken), he never tries to call attention to himself and these are very quiet qualities that mean a lot so, my feeling is, this is a good man who is so grounded in terms of values…I really admire him tremendously,” Holmes said.

Asked also who among the presidential candidates she finds sexy, Holmes named Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Liberal Party bet.

“Maybe one or two, I’m just thinking, as one gets older, you’re very young so it doesn’t matter, but as one gets older, being sexy is not taken alone, it’s taken with the other things. Do you have integrity, can you stand up for what you say? So I guess, in that sense, (it’s) Noynoy Aquino,” said Holmes.

Called on stage, Ocampo thanked his supporters for spending for the P1,000 per plate dinner to boost his campaign.

He briefly narrated his observations that during sorties, people still expect “some kind of showmanship” from candidates, which he admitted is not his style.

He also acknowledged that people often cheer for the younger and more handsome bets in their slate like lawyer Adel Tamano and former congressman Gilbert Remulla.

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