Gibo to launch ‘patriot’ ad

By DateLine Philippines

Administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro has joined the battle of the political ads with his version of a covenant with the people that will soon hit the airwaves, his camp said.

Teodoro said the new television commercial was shot in Davao last week during his campaign sortie in the province. He didn’t discuss the details.

Reggie Velasco, deputy secretary general of the administration party Lakas-Kampi, however, said the new ads was Teodoro’s version of “Panatang Makabayan,” the country’s patriotic oath.

“It’s like Panatang Makabayan. It’s really patriotic,” he said in an interview.

When asked, Velasco said it was not a spin-off from the earlier ads of Senators Benigno Aquino III and Manuel Villar, Teodoro’s rivals for the presidency.

Aquino, the Liberal Party standard-bearer and Teodoro’s cousin, first released his covenant with the nation: “Hindi ako magnanakaw (I will not steal),” if elected president.

The ads of Villar currently hitting the airwaves showed the Nacionalista Party presidential candidate making a vow to end poverty.

Velasco said that in Teodoro’s latest ad, the former Defense secretary would be joined by members of the indigenous community, students and ordinary citizens “pledging their love for the country.”

He added that the pledge includes, “they will be loyal to the Republic” and that “they will do their civic duties that every Filipino must do.”

Velasco added that the ad concept came from Davao-based youth groups that he claimed also initiated printing shirts labeled, “I think therefore I am for Gibo,” a statement lifted from the popular quote of classic philosopher Rene Descartes.

Velasco said they are still looking into the party’s finances to determine when the new ads can be aired.

Another option, he added, would be to upload it in Youtube, Facebook and other social networking sites.

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