Syndicate dupes Filipino OFWs bound for Spain

By DateLine Philippines

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday warned that an illegal recruitment syndicate is victimizing Filipinos searching for jobs in Spain.

The syndicate is using an email address reportedly that of the embassy in Madrid, said DFA spokesman Eduardo Malaya, citing a report from the Philippine embassy in Spain

He said the syndicate is identified as Previsto Ferrocariel Guiscoanagin with an address at Calle Placentinos 18B, 32005, Barcelona, Spain.

Malaya said that the “Philippine consulate-general in Barcelona has verified that there is no such address in Barcelona.”

He added that while “there is a Calle de los Placentinos in Spain,” this street is “located in the province of Salamanca.”

Malaya also said that even the zip code the syndicate provides is false, saying that it corresponds to the province of Ourense, not Catalonia.

DFA officials said the syndicate is using the email address, apparently that of the Philippine embassy in Madrid, to lure Filipino job seekers to Spain.

Malaya has advised the public to be wary of the job offers from this firm and to check first with the concerned government agencies led by the labor department on the veracity of online job offers.

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