Oscar best picture nominee ‘Up’ is Pinoy made

By GoodNews Pilipinas

An animated feature film nominated in the 82nd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood next month was made by Pinoys.

The animated comedy adventure “Up” produced by Disney-Pixar has joined the select list of nominees for best animated picture and best film in the prestigious Oscar awards.

Two Filipino talents Ronnie del Carmen, story supervisor and Ricky Nierva, production designer played key roles in the production of “Up.”

Ronnie works at Pixar as a story artist, story supervisor, character designer, and illustrator. On top of having the coolest job in the world, he even finds time to self-publish his own comic, Paper Biscuit. Add the fact that he has a fantastic blog, Tirade, and you have one incredibly creative and busy guy.

He worked as a story supervisor for Pixar’s “Toy Story” and “Cars”, and led the studio’s team of story artists to whip up “Finding Nemo.”

Nierva works in Pixar as a character designer/visual development artist/storyboard artist/art director/children’s book illustrator. But most of my time is spent character designing. He helps to design the main characters and miscellaneous characters, making sure the look of all the characters of the film feel integrated with the type of story that’s being told and the type of world that’s being created.

He was the art director for Finding Nemo and was visual development artist for Monsters, Inc.

“Up” is the tale of an old man (voiced by Ed Asner), his childhood friendship with a girl who becomes his wife, and his adventure with an energetic eight-year-old wilderness scout (Jordan Nagai).

“Up,” which recently won the Golden Globe for best animated feature, is one of the various animated films and TV series produced by talented Filipino animators employed in the back offices of big movie studios abroad.

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